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Taylor bar test system tab1000

——Built in dynamic stress-strain analysis software to provide external testing services

1、Intbaruction of the Taylor bar test system tab1000

Taylor impact test is of great significance to study the dynamic mechanical behavior of materials, especially in the high strain rate material behavior. It is simple and feasible, and has attracted the attention of the domestic and foreign force academia. In the early stage of Taylor impact study, Taylor and whippen were used to estimate the dynamic yield stress of materials. However, the dynamic yield strength of materials could not fully describe the behavior of materials. In the following decades, many famous scholars studied this, such as hawkyard, who used the energy conservation in the impact process to replace the momentum conservation in Taylor theory, The calculation methods of average stress, average strain and average strain rate in the process of impact are put forward. Barenblatt and Ting apply Taylor impact to viscoplastic materials. Hutching [6] puts forward the estimation method of dynamic yield strength of polymer. In 1987, Jones put forward a new analysis method of Taylor impact, and put forward "α, β model". This method can relax some assumptions in Taylor theory and draw many useful conclusions. However, the process of the theory is very complex because of the need to solve complex highly nonlinear differential equations. Therefore, house et al. Simplify the numerical calculation process of "α β model" by using new estimation method in the theory of "α β model". The result of the theory is as accurate as that of "α β model". 2、 Superior performance of tab1000 equipment of Taylor bar test system Tab1000 adopts the cabinet structure design, and directly installs the launch system and Taylor impact system between the two operating consoles. All parts are installed inside the workbench, which is neat, beautiful and practical. The launch and control system is installed in the front console, the operator can complete the operation of bullet launch and bullet recovery data processing in front of the computer, which is very convenient. The high temperature heating system and synchronous cylinder are installed in the rear console, and the target temperature can be adjusted at will through the PID control system. The water cooling system is installed outside the high temperature furnace to ensure the safety of operation.

1. High speed loading system of electromagnetic gun can be adopted.

2. The main body is designed with cabinet structure and profile steel track, which has strong practicability, convenient operation and appearance in line with modern industrial aesthetic concept.

3. The operation panel is integrated on the cabinet behind the barrel to ensure the operation safety. The impact bar can be launched automatically, and the double switch is used to avoid misfiring.

4. Unified benchmark: the segmented combined guideway assembled by proprietary technology can be arbitrarily lengthened or shortened. It has a high-precision unified benchmark of lateral and plane. It can make the launching system (including various gun tubes) debug and install at any position under the same benchmark, greatly saving debugging time, convenient operation and improving test accuracy.

5. Standard modularity: no matter the launch system, central support device or guide rail, all adopt standard modular structure. No matter what kind of test equipment you need, you can meet the test requirements by increasing or decreasing the number, which is easy to promote.

6. Expansibility: the system has strong expansibility. It can be tested under various conditions, such as speed measurement, high temperature, etc., and an auxiliary equipment can be added to the guide rail. Taylor bar is mainly composed of gas storage device, launch and control control system, bullet, measurement and analysis system, center support component, combined foundation guide rail and auxiliary equipment, and the special parts which are different from other equipment are described as follows:

Launching system: it is composed of air chamber, launching body, control module, piston, connecting flange, quick change variable diameter gun tube, support seat, anti back seat bracket, etc.

Diameter of gun barrel: Φ 100, Φ 80, Φ 75, Φ 70, Φ 50, Φ 37, Φ 30, Φ 20, Φ 18, Φ 16, Φ 14.5, etc. One set of equipment can be equipped with multiple sets of gun tubes, sharing acquisition system and gas drive system;

Operation console: the control module is a unique structure, installed on the launcher, with air inlet valve, fine adjustment valve of air chamber, pressure reducing valve, pressure gauge, exhaust valve at the bottom of gun tube, and automatic quick release (gas) gun switch. It can automatically operate the bullet in place, launch the bullet, collect the impact signal, and get the test results of strain rate and stress.

Center support part: it is composed of base, opening and closing upper base, three-way moving adjustment and positioning mechanism, high-precision bearing, gland, manual adjustment mechanism, etc. The main features are that under the unified guide rail, the bar system with different diameters can move along the axial direction as rolling friction. The sliding is light and fast, and the self-adjusting is extremely convenient. The maximum advantage of reasonable stress makes the working life of the bar system greatly extended. Combined reference guide rail: it is an integral guide rail composed of profile guide rail, foot adjusting device, etc.

The special technology is used to make the guide rail form two benchmarks after installation: one is the side benchmark and the other is the horizontal benchmark, which can make the launching device, bar system and supporting parts work under the same benchmark and greatly improve the commissioning efficiency.

3、 Taylor bar data analysis software








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