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Dynamic stress-strain testing system YES300

——Built in dynamic stress-strain analysis software to provide external testing services


Yes300 dynamic stress-strain test and analysis system is an intelligent dynamic strain test and analysis system based on computer. Each case can be built-in with up to 4 channels, which is suitable for measuring structural stress and various physical quantities formed, such as tensile stress, shear stress, compressive stress and dynamic torque, etc. The software is developed by Archimedes Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. and has very powerful functions. It can calculate dynamic compression, tension, torsion, bending, shear and other items at the same time, and obtain dynamic stress, strain, strain rate, strain energy, particle velocity and other data. It can support all kinds of shock and vibration loading testing machines to achieve synchronous testing.

1.1 according to the measurement scheme, the strain stress of the whole bridge, half bridge and 1 / 4 bridge (120 Ω, 350 Ω three wire system self compensation) can be sampled in parallel at high speed;

1.2 connect various bridge sensors to realize the test and analysis of various physical quantities;

1.3 the measuring points are centralized, and each set has 32 channels at most, which can be used to measure the dynamic strain and stress of large structures;

1.4 it can directly conduct multi-point high-speed parallel acquisition of the input voltage signal;

1.5 connect various thermocouple temperature sensors to test and analyze the temperature; 1

.6 four core aviation connector, which can be customized with imported ODU connector;

1.7 support all kinds of impact and vibration loading machines to realize synchronous loading online.

2、Equipment features

2.1 the appearance is designed as a standard case, with each set of up to 32 measuring points, which can be directly installed in the standard cabinet to form a dynamic strain testing system with unlimited measuring points;

2.2 support the intelligent wire identification function, and automatically set the measuring point parameters according to the predefined template;

2.3 Gigabit Ethernet or USB3.0 communication, real-time communication with the computer can record multi-channel signals for a long time without interruption, all channels work in parallel and synchronously, and the sampling rate of each channel can reach 2.5mkhz;

2.4 support multiple acquisition instruments cascade for synchronous test, and display the changes of measured physical quantities in real time in the acquisition process;

2.5 the built-in standard resistance is used to set the bridge road working state of full bridge, half bridge and 1 / 4 bridge (120 Ω) by software program control;

2.6 the half bridge and full bridge mode adopt four wire system for bridge supply, with automatic bridge voltage calibration function, to ensure the accuracy of remote bridge voltage, without measuring the conductor resistance and correction;

2.7 it is equipped with dynamic stress-strain analysis software to calculate the stress and strain of dynamic stress wave by collecting data.

2.8 support the calibration of strain and stress field channel, and quickly get the current status of channel;

2.9 with the program-controlled automatic calibration equipment, the voltage and strain can be automatically calibrated, and the calibration report can be automatically generated according to the user-defined template.

2.10 the dynamic properties of sandy soil, concrete, reinforced concrete, metal and non-metallic foam materials, composite materials and polymer materials at high strain rates can be tested. It can also be used to test the dynamic performance of the sample under different peripheral constraints.

2.11 with its own impact tensile and compression mechanical system.。

3、Brief introduction of yes300 software for dynamic stress-strain testing system

Main operation interface of yes300

 The data collected in dynamic stress-strain experiment mainly include time and voltage of each channel. Yes300 program processes the original data, and its main functions are as follows: According to the graph in the image, the initial position of the stress wave in each channel is manually captured, and all the data in the required time interval are separated. According to the specific calculation method, the original data is analyzed and the initial position of stress wave is identified automatically. When the initial position of the stress wave deviates, the data of the stress wave can be moved so that the initial positions of the two are aligned. For the voltage in the effective time interval, the corresponding strain, stress and other parameters are calculated according to the given experimental parameters. For a given data list, the specified mapping relationship can be displayed as a plane curve. By default, the abscissa value is represented by time data and the ordinate value is represented by other data columns. You can edit the display style of the mapping curve, including linetype, lineweight, color, display interval, shape, size, color, display interval, etc. You can edit the style of the coordinate axis, annotation box, drawing border and other elements, including the name of the coordinate axis, the data range of the display range, the display position of the annotation box, whether to hide the border, whether the drawing border is hidden, and whether the grid guide is displayed. It can realize the functions of graph / image scaling, moving, grabbing, bitmap conversion, etc. Zooming and panning change the display range of the curve, and grabbing can get the corresponding value of the clicked image. Bitmap conversion is about to transform into bmp format bitmap and output.

Automatically capture the waveform and calculate the result automatically

the dynamic compression, tension, torsion, bending, shear and other items are calculated, and the dynamic stress, strain, strain rate, strain energy, particle velocity and other data are obtained


4、 Specific engineering application:

(1) The dynamic mechanical properties of the material under the coupling action of high temperature, low temperature and high strain rate were tested by the synchronous assembly system;

(2) Dynamic vibration loading and its application in dynamic damage mechanics;

(3) Dynamic fracture toughness test;

(4) Dynamic vibration and dynamic compression, dynamic tensile test;

(5) Explosion and accumulation stress test;

(6) Dynamic torque and shear test, etc;

(7) Dynamic impact mechanics stress-strain test explosion simulation test;

(8) Earthquake research;

(9) Engineering blasting, explosive processing, explosive synthesis;

(10) Ultrasonic and acoustic emission technology, impact strength of mechanical equipment, dynamic response of engineering structures, weapon effect;








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